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Недвижимость в Болгарии

Недвижимость в Болгарии

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Stages of building process of Panichishte ski resort
November 2007 : The Real Estate Investment Trust, Fair Play Properties expects to complete the purchase of 5.0 hectares of land near Sapareva Banya for the construction of a vacation village. Rila Lake Resort , a residential and hotel complex near Panichishte, will be launched in 2008 and completed in 2010. The project is expected to yield an annual return of 8.2%. The development cost is 23.82 mln levs. The resort is expected to generate 34.4 mln levs in apartment sales in 2009-2011. (Dnevnik) October 2007 : Mayor of Sapareva Banya, Sasho Ivanov, wins local elections with an unprecedented 80% of the vote. Such a majority is a clear indication that the local people of the Municipality of Saparevo Banya really appreciate his ability to get things done. Mr Ivanov has overseen a completely new focus on the region with a new ski lift under construction in...

Financial Crisis Bypasses Southern Balkans Property
It looks like the mortgage crisis which started in the second half of 2007 has not affected the real estate market in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. This can be proved with the rate of real estate price increase. Only in the last few weeks did experts start talking about retention of prices and even about a small decrease in some areas of Sofia. According to analyzers the reason is the increase in mortgage loan interest rates. As a whole the pace of the price increase of Sofia property compared to Bucharest and Belgrade is the slowest. The price of one-bed and two-bed apartments set outside the center of  Sofia has increased significantly – by about 36%. This type of property is the most sought and the increase in the price is only logical. On the other hand, in the last 12 months the prices of one- and two-bedroom apartments in Bucharest...

Bulgaria The Third-Most Attractive FDI Destination in SEE
Bulgaria is the third most-attractive destination for foreign investments in Southeastern Europe after Turkey and Romania, according to the Southeast Europe Attractiveness Survey 2008, compiled by the independent market researcher CSA at the request of Ernst & Young and released on April 24. The survey draws on the answers of more than 200 top executives investing worldwide and their appraisal of criteria such as telecommunications infrastructure, quality of life, access to financial investors, transport and logistics infrastructure and social climate.More than 68 per cent of respondents believe Bulgaria’s attractiveness to foreign investors would improve, E&Y said in a news release.Respondents also identified some challenges facing Bulgaria. These included the transition toward high value-added activities such as the establishment of headquarters, contact...

Bulgaria Ranks Second in Global Property Price Growth List
Bulgaria takes second place in a classification ranking the 2007 global property price increase, the latest ranking of Global Property Guide shows. According to the global house price growth list the annual increase of the prices of real estate in Bulgaria reached 34.6%. The lead is taken by the Chinese city of Shanghai where property prices have gone up by 35.4%. Boom According to Global Property Guide analysts the holiday property boom in Bulgaria is already over while the stable growth of residential property prices continues. Last autumn Bulgaria even topped the global house price growth list. According to the final data Bulgaria is followed by Slovakia with 32.5%, Singapore with 31.1% and Hong Kong with 24.95%. Observers say 2007 was a strong year for Asian markets where the increase in real estate prices follows the countries’ economic growth. Some...

Three Golf Complexes to Be Built near Sozopol
Three golf courses are to be constructed in the area between the villages of Ravna Gora and Izvor, Sozopol Municipality. Each of them will have an area of about 1,000 decares as the main part of the land is owned by the municipality, Panayot Remzi, the Mayor of Sozopol, said. Attracting big investors and solvent tourists As part of the management program a number of measures for changing the profile of the tourists have already been taken as the aim is to attract more and more solvent guests. Through the golf projects Sozopol will attract serious investors for partners. The municipality will provide terrains of between 500 and 1,000 decares and will also assist the investors in buying private plots of land. According to the forecasts the future sport complexes will also include additional private terrains in order to satisfy the increasing interest on...

Bulgaria Still Tops Investors" List
Bulgaria, Turkey and France are the three countries set to see the biggest growth in demand among overseas property investors, a new survey has found. Fly2let.co.uk reports that the NatWest International Personal Banking League of Buying Abroad found that 75 per cent of mortgage brokers expect to see an increase in the number of people looking to buy in Bulgaria in the next three years. Turkey, with 56 per cent, and France , with 46 per cent, were also expected to see a rise in demand. Portugal, at 41 per cent, and Spain, with 31 per cent, completed the top five locations expected to be popular with investors. "With the expansion of the EU, better transport links and an increase in low cost airlines offering cheap available flights to countries all over the world, the choice when buying abroad has increased significantly," Mike Freer, head of business...

Golf Tourism Development to Attract Affluent Tourists to Bulgaria
Bulgaria has turned to golf , a sport not too popular in the country until now, looking to attract affluent tourists, AFP reported. " Golf tourism development is very important - the regular tourist usually spends from 50 to 100 euro a day, while the golf tourist would rather spend from 400 to 500 euro," a Bulgarian investor said, quoted by AFP. "Without quality golf courses Bulgaria will remain a cheap destination. It will continue to attract tourist flows, but without any major impact on the economy", he said. Bulgaria"s Black Sea coast and its mountain resorts are popular among more "modest" tourists from Western Europe and those from the former Soviet countries. At the same time savvy investors have anticipated Bulgaria"s strong potential as a golf destination. Climate and nature are similar to those in Spain, one of the most popular golf destinations in the...

Dobrinishte Resort Gains Ground on Bansko
Dobrinishte resort has been attracting investor and tourist interest in recent years. Some see it as an alternative to the front-runner Bansko because of its reduced construction and the ski zone just above the resort, which includes a 5 km long piste - starting from Bezbog chalet and passing by Gotse Delchev lodge – as well as a two-seat lift and a number of drag-lifts. Real estate agency analysts report a considerable interest in Dobrinishte over the last year. The resort offers the opportunity to develop active winter tourism and explore the mineral springs" potential. Plans are afoot to erect a large ski area in Dobrinishte , encompassing new ski-runs, tourist tracks and a hotel. The developers vowed not to allow massive construction in the resort. propertywisebulgaria.com

One Billion Euro Invested in Bansko
It has been calculated that in the last 5-6 years about 1 billion euros have been invested in Bulgaria’s winter resort of Bansko . The reason for the great development boom in the resort is the favorable investment climate the local authorities have created, the town’s Mayor Alexander Kravarov said. He added that when the developers are given good working conditions and receive the needed cooperation from the various institutions they do not have to be attracted as they come by themselves. The projects on which the Municipality of Bansko is working are many. The main projects are related mostly to the development of the areas and the construction of roads, water mains, sewerage, dams for drinking and irrigation water. They are executed in Bansko but also in the neighboring town of Dobrinishte and the adjoining villages. After the construction boom of...

Bulgaria - World Leader for Property Investment
Bulgaria property investment has proven to be the country"s economic driver with a record-breaking turnover of €11.36 billion in 2007, investment company Obelisk International says.As the world"s strongest property market in 2007, Bulgaria property investment has made a huge €2.36 billion increase on 2006 figures, and is successfully keeping up the momentum for 2008.Many local and international property experts predicted the year"s increase to reach 25% to 30% however by September the market had actually risen by 32% and many major cities, such as Sofia , are already recording impressive growth this year. The huge property price rise has been largely attributed to a good mortgage market, high annual revenue of properties and the weak impact of the world"s financial crisis on Bulgaria. The Bulgarian financial market has not been impacted by the US sub-prime...

Construction and Property in Bulgaria are Booming
Both the construction industry and the property market in Bulgaria are continuing to boom as we move in to 2008, with 2007 having been bumper years for both economic sectors according to a series of independent reports. This is excellent news for the nation and for all those who had committed to the market prior to the country’s 2007 EU entry...but what does the market have in store for the short to medium term for those who have yet to buy? Well, there is an opinion widely shared that the construction industry will continue to expand well in to 2010 simply because of a general dearth in supply of quality residential, retail and some industrial commercial stock across the nation...so this will bring with it undoubted opportunity. But what about basic buy to let strategies or buying now and reselling a few years down the line for realization of equity expansion?...

Bulgaria’s 2008 Investment Potential
The property market of Bulgaria has achieved an incredible rate of growth over the past few years, bolstered by a fast-growing economy and its admission into the EU in January 2007. Bulgaria’s National Statistic Authority noted that property prices have grown by 15% during the first half of 2007, with Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index registering a 27% increase over the past year, and are predicted to grow at the rate witnessed during the Spanish market boom, as the figures all point towards a fantastic opportunity for property investment. www.obeliskinternational.com

Seven Golf Courses to Mushroom Near Bansko
Seven new golf courses are being built on the territory of Bansko and Razlog resorts. "Our ultimate goal is to attract wealthy lovers of this aristocratic sport from all over Europe. This way we will be able to profit from tourism around the year," Lyuben Tatarski, Razlog Municipality Mayor, explained. The first golf facility is supposed to be operational this spring. It also transpired that the joint venture set up by the Razlog Municipality and the local construction company Balkanstroy is about to invest 240 million levs in a state-of-the-art skiing center and a golf complex, which will spread over 600 hectares in the Betolovoto area. The skiing center will comprise 20 modern skiing facilities, a 19,4-kilometre ski lift, as the common length of the ski-runs will be 58,5 km. The golf course will have eighteen holes and will vie with some of the world"s best...

Bulgarian Property Market 2007 Turnover Reached 11bn Euro
Property market was the absolute economic leader for Bulgaria"s economy in 2007 with a record-breaking turnover of 11.36 billion euro, a real estate agency data showed.The sum was the total value of deals with land and buildings in the country over the period.In 2006, turnover in the sector was close to nine billion euro, Pari daily said.According to experts, the increase in the number of property deals and in the property prices was the most accurate measure for the real estate market situation.The data shows that the pace of price increase was twice faster than in 2006, thanks to a good mortgage market, relatively high annual revenue of properties and the weak impact of the world financial crisis in Bulgaria. The number of property deals in 2007 is expected to reach 292 000.The property market stimulated construction development, Pari said. The sector ranks among the...

Бальнеология—одно из приоритетных болгарских направлений.
Не море и не горы, точнее, не море и не горы в «чистом» виде являются сегодня главной точкой инвестиционного притяжения в Болгарии. Бальнеология — вот та сфера, на которую сами болгары делают особый упор и которую продвигают на мировом инвестиционном рынке, прилагая для этого титанические усилия. Болгария является одним из европейских лидеров по числу расположенных на ее территории минеральных источников, однако в области развития бальнеологической структуры сильно отстает...

Love Affair with Bulgaria’s Property Market Continues
Contrary to recent rumors that the Bulgarian real estate market is not so attractive to foreign investors any more, Andrew Regan, a Scottish online freelance author, comments that the Bulgarian property boom shows no signs of abating. “Bulgaria"s expected adoption of the Euro in 2011 means that investors need to move quickly to snap up the best deals. Bulgaria"s recent accession to the European Union has vastly increased its attractiveness to British holidaymakers as well as investment property buyers. Real estate experts also predict an even greater demand for property when Bulgaria adopts the Euro in 2011,” the author said. Investors are particularly interested in Bulgaria, as it is believed that EU money will be spent on improving the country"s infrastructure. Bulgaria has seen a great deal of political reform since the Communist era, and the government...

Property in Bulgaria Up by 327 Percent since 2001
In the last few years there has been no variety of projections, expectations or forecasts on the Bulgarian real estate market. There has been only one trend – that of prices going up, and only one result – each year the money invested in real estate around the country increase and so does the number of concluded deals. The market continues pacing forward registering an unprecedented growth for the country. The increase of property prices by the end of September 2007 is 30 percent on an annual basis, experts say. Compared to last year the number of concluded deals has gone up by 39 percent the main reason for that being the increased volume of foreign investments in real estate – 1,160 billion euro or about 35 percent of all financial resources that have been invested in Bulgaria in 2006. Just to compare the figure – the invested resources in 2006 were...

Between Two Tourist Seasons – Results and Projections
According to the data so far for the first nine months of 2007 Bulgaria was visited by over 4.58 million foreign tourists, i.e. the increase compared to the same period last year being about 7.4%. From them about three quarters are EU citizens as the increase in this group is 30% on an annual basis. The highest percentage of tourists came from neighboring Romania (over 600,000 but this includes the ‘suitcase trading’), Germany (about 562,000), Greece (about 558,000), the UK (about 404,000) and Russia (over 226,000). On the eve of the winter tourist season those working in the sector report the not yet final results of the income and the number of tourists who visited Bulgaria during the summer season, as preliminary information about the annual growth of tourism is also provided. The Chairman of the Bulgarian Tourist Chamber Professor Tsvetan Tonchev projected...

Ski Patrol to Be Launched in Pamporovo Resort
Ski patrols will be introduced this season at Bulgaria"s Pamporovo resort, it turned out at the sitting of the Standing Municipal Committee for Disaster Management in the Smolyan Municipality. The patrols have been agreed between the Smolyan Municipality and the Chepelare Municipality, which are in charge of the resort. The patrols will have permanent coordination with the police. The winter season in Pamporovo starts on December 16th, as the construction works in the resort will cease from December 10th until March 30th 2008. Focus News, 15 November 2007

Holiday Homes Still Fashionable in Bulgaria
Standstill in prices, entrepreneurs not worried. Observations of the holiday homes market in Bulgaria for the first half of 2007 show that in some regions the number of new apartments has increased by 50%. Colliers International say that there were over 76 500 holiday properties on the market at the end of June. The sale prices (800 – 1,700 EUR/sq.m.) remain unaffected and the supply exceeds the demand. The number of new apartments along the Black Sea has risen by 39% in the first half of 2007 and the new apartments offered in the resorts are already 13,500. In the St. Vlas resort the rise in the prices is 52% (the holiday homes are sold between 590 and 2,500 EUR/sq.m.) and in Sozopol the prices are up by 62% (505 - 1,800 EUR/sq.m.). The apartments in Sunny Beach cost from 550 – 2,240 EUR/sq.m. City Market, Vol. 38, 02.11.07, p. 8

The Market Changes Bulgaria’s Map
New settlements may appear, others will vanish due to the demographic collapse. There is reorientation in the demand from low-quality and cheap properties scattered around the countryside to gated communities with gardens and sometimes with private pools, brokers say. This trend is set by the clients who give prominence to the comforts and safety of the complexes. Moreover, these sites are sold key-ready which saves the buyer all the finishing works and the security guards guarantee the peace and quiet of the residents. Almost all such developments offer maintenance of the common parts as well. Some of the developments are set among nature. The houses there range from 2 to over 100 depending on the area of the plot. However, if they are within the limits of a village or a town the optimal number of houses is from 2 to 5, brokers claim. Each house is sold with a private...

New Water Purification Plants along the Black Sea coast
The Minister of Ecology Dzhevdet Chakarov has set an ambitious goal to place water purification plants along the whole Black Sea coast, which will cost about 200 million euro. This was announced yesterday at a seminar of the mayors of the Black Sea municipalities. The construction of these facilities is also important for the development of the tourism, the Minister of Finance Plamen Oresharski underscored and promised to cooperate fully. The municipalities with over 2,000 residents may apply with projects for financing from EU’s Cohesion Fund. By the end of 2010 they must have purifying stations not only for mechanical, but also for biological purification of the waste waters – removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. The projects from municipalities with under 2,000 residents will be financed under a rural regions development program. 1,8 billion euro is the budget of the...

Bulgaria"s residential property market has recorded the world"s second-highest increase in prices in the second quarter of 2007, overleaped solely by Latvia, according to a new global research.Residential property prices in Bulgaria jumped by 27.1% in the second quarter of this year, up by nearly 15% in comparison with the same period last year (12.2%).The strong growth pushed the country up by eight spots in the ranking of Knight Frank, a leading British residential and commercial property consultancy.While still topping the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, the price rise in Riga is 37.7% for the second quarter of 2007, down from 45.3% for the same period last year.Global property prices are increasing by 7.8% annually to the second quarter of 2007, according to the research. The figure has shown a 1.8 % fall - from 9.6 % - since the same period in 2006.House...

Bulgaria has entered the Top 10 in foreign investments. An EIU report points out that Bulgaria is among the Top 10 countries listed in the chart for implemented new investment projects, funded by foreign capital in 2006. In 2006, the number of projects realized in Bulgaria grew up by 104,3% to a total of 286. For a comparison, the same number of projects for 2005 was barely 140. Thus, on worldwide-scale, this country holds a 2.42 % of all projects implemented last year. Ahead of Bulgaria are countries like Poland, Germany, Romania, and Russia. The first place belongs to China, where foreign investors have financed 1,378 new projects during in 2006. Standart News

New high-jump world champions emerged in Bulgaria - residential property prices. "Bulgaria is now the second in the world in property prices increase," real estate agents report. The leader is Latvia, according to Knight Frank UK survey for the second trimester of 2007 compared with the same period of 2006. From April to June housing prices in Bulgaria went up by 27,1%. For the same period last year the increase amounted to a 12,2%. The speedy price hike sends Bulgaria up by eight positions in the world chart. Standart News, Natalia Malcheva

The construction of Bulgarian sports and tourist centre Perelik will start in the autumn of 2007, the investor, Sports and Tourist Centre Perelik, said on August 28, 2007. Perelik Centre is to be fully completed till year 2012-2014. The Smolyan municipality, a partner in the project, will make a non-cash contribution to the joint venture company. Consultant on the project is Alpha Finance Holding. The Perelik project, which is estimated at 300 mln euro, envisages the construction of winter sports and summer tourism venues and infrastructure upgrade of the area round the Rhodope"s Perelik peak, Smolyan region, southern Bulgaria. The investor’s top priorities are preservation of the environment and of the same architecture styles. The future Perelik resort will include 200 km ski runs, 100 km cable car lines, covered parking lots, vacation, sports...

House prices in Bulgaria have risen by 27 per cent since last year, with further increases expected over the coming months. Local experts forecast a further 20 per cent increase in average prices before the end of the year. Demand in the country has shifted inland away from costal resorts toward urban and rural areas. However the region around Sofia , the capital, remains relatively inexpensive. Property here costs an average of £152 per square meter, compared to £347 nationally. "Those buying property in the countryside are buying attractive village homes," said one British expat, now working in Bulgaria. "Most of them are foreigners, in general early retirees and families who want to own property and enjoy the low cost of living, along with affluent Bulgarians from Sofia and other cities who are looking for weekend or holiday homes in the best rural areas."...

On the Photo: the first truck with the ski equipment for the Stoykite - Snejanka lift is already here. Another 40 trucks are to follow soon. Investors have started the building of a new mega resort on the south slopes of Snejanka Mount in Bulgaria"s Rodopi Mountain. A total of nine hotels and apartment complexes are under construction in the area of the beautiful Smolyan lakes. Among the investors, who has bought building plots in the region are the football star Hristo Stoichkov and the businessman Valentin Zlatev. It is expected that the new complex will compete with the world famous Pamporovo resort, which is preferred by the ski maniacs. novinite.com The air in the region is characterized by extremely strong negative ionisation, which allows fast recovery of the human organism.

Stara Zagora Mineral Spa has a good potential for future development as an all-year-round spa resort. It is an attractive tourist destination offering excellent opportunities for relaxation throughout the year. A main reason for this is the modern tourist accommodation built over the past few years, said the Mayer of Stara Zagora - Evgenii Jelev. The resort is situated approximately 10 km away from the city of Stara Zagora. Stara Zagora Mineral Spa has been attracting more and more tourists over the past 2-3 years, hotel owners say. Peter Lambov, the manager of the four-star hotel Izvor, announced that half of the visitors are Bulgarians and the rest of them are from the European countries. Dnevnik, 14.08.2007

One billion euro will be invested in road construction and reconstruction over the next six years. By 2013, as much will be invested in Bulgaria’s transport infrastructure, announced Pmrime Minister Sergey Stanishev and Transport Minister Petar Mutafchiev during their inspection on the the construction of a railway connecting Plovdiv and Svilengrad yesterday. Close to 100 million euro of the subsidy on Transport programme will be spent on road construction and reconstruction. Another 580 million euro will go for railroad infrastructure. And, 158 million euro are going to be spent for improvements of water transport, Neli Yordanova, director of Coordination of Programmes and Projects Directorate at the Ministry of Transport. Property Wise Magazine

Lately the Russians prefer the Balkans especially Montenegro and Bulgaria, when refers of buying villas or apartments in a resort. Russians" interest in the first six month of 2007 was attracted by destinations like Spain, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. But the real hits were Montenegro and Bulgaria. Compared to the last year"s interest, the search of properties in Bulgaria and Montenegro increased almost twice.In the Western Balkan country the Russians are the most important investors. In Bulgaria they are on second place, right after the British investors.The Russian parvenus are attracted from the low outlays of life in high quality.Russian media comments: The population of the two countries is historically treating well the Russians; the investment climate in here is quite mild.But the prices are increasing extremely. Two years ago the price of sq m in...

The Bulgarian town of Veliko Turnovo has been included in a ranking compiled by UK newspaper The Independent of the most favourable holiday property markets.Property near Veliko Turnovo can be bought for 20 000 to 100 000 pounds sterling. Unlike Bansko and Black Sea towns, Veliko Turnovo has not been hit by excessive construction, and had beautiful natural scenery and authentic villages, the newspaper said, as quoted by investor.bg. The report said that prices of family houses varied between 5000 pounds for a small bungalow to 20 000 pounds for a small house needing repairs, to 70 000 and 120 000 pounds for a large family house in a good condition with land. Countries nearby Bulgaria, including Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey were also included in the newspaper’s selection.Montenegro’s natural attractions, especially near the sea, draw tourists for longer periods....

Bulgaria and Romania are expected to sign an agreement for the construction of a bridge connecting the Bulgarian town of Oryahovo to the Romanian Beket. Transport Minister Petar Moutafchiev said as quoted by investor.bg that the two countries will decide on the exact location of the bridge across the Danube in 2008.The ministry introduced to Romania the possibility of certain concessionaires building the bridge. Moutafchiev said that the ministry had information that the government of Romania has already authorised Beket municipality to manage the investment in the project.Further negotiations between the countries will take place after Romania introduces its official suggestion for the construction.A work group of experts will determine the places for the bridge construction. Moutafchiev said that hopefully the group will start its work in September and by the end of...

The Bulgarian regional development ministry said it is prepared to start in March 2008 negotiations on the award of a concession contract for the Cherno More motorway which links the Black Sea towns of Varna and Burgas. The route of the motorway is currently being particularised, said regional development minister Asen Gagauzov. According to one of the latest blueprints for the motorway, it was to be routed from Burgas through Kableshkovo, St Vlas, Bania, Obzor, Priseltsi and once having reached Beloslav was to link up with the Hemus motorway via a bridge facility. There is no working draft for the route so no details are available as of yet, said Gagauzov. The 103 km shoreline-hugging motorway is expected to unbottleneck the Balkan Ranges passes that have to be negotiated in some stretches of the current route. Only 10 km of the facility have been completed so far....

Holiday Market Has Just Started Developing
Holiday estates’ market in Bulgaria has just started developing. According to some estimates, prices are expected to go down because of surplus offering. However, foreign investors think that our country’s market of Holiday estates will continue developing in the following several years. They say that the recently discussed over saturation of market is not likely to take place. Bulgaria is compared to Spain in terms of real estates market development, as a tourist destination, and in terms of its turning into a golf destination. Holiday estates market in Bulgaria has just started opening towards the other European countries. Our country meets all requirements for tourism development, such as favorable nature and experienced professionals. In spite of that, the sector has some basic problems that are to be overcome: improvement of infrastructure,...

The investment company Equest Investments Balkans Ltd (EIB) announced that it has acquired strategic indirect shares of 33% of Rila Samokov 2004 JSC – the company which will develop the Super Borovets project and possess land plots in the resort.According to the contract, EIB acquires 33,5 % shares in Rila Samokov, which has 1 977 131 land plots for construction in the resort. EIB invests 25,9 million Euro cash, which includes payment for shares and capital contribution in Rila Samokov.EIB possess 50% of Borovets Invest NV, holding company, which possess 67% of Rila Samokov. An international institution works in partnership with Equest for the Super Borovets project. The rest of the shareholders are Samokov municipal (with 25% share) and the construction company Glavbulgarstroy (8%).Super Borovets is among the biggest investment projects in Bulgaria. During the next five...

Bulgaria and Romania are expected to sign an agreement for the construction of a bridge connecting the Bulgarian town of Oryahovo to the Romanian Beket. Transport Minister Petar Moutafchiev said as quoted by investor.bg that the two countries will decide on the exact location of the bridge across the Danube in 2008.The ministry introduced to Romania the possibility of certain concessionaires building the bridge. Moutafchiev said that the ministry had information that the government of Romania has already authorised Beket municipality to manage the investment in the project.Further negotiations between the countries will take place after Romania introduces its official suggestion for the construction.A work group of experts will determine the places for the bridge construction. Moutafchiev said that hopefully the group will start its work in September and by the end of...

Bulgaria"s Rhodope Mountains are gaining popularity among summer tourists. The most popular alternative holiday destinations are the villages around the rivers of Arda, Shirokolushka and those close to the town of Smolyan.Accommodation in these villages costs from 10 to 15 leva (5 to 7.5 euro). The region is known for its traditional meals.Extreme sports lovers are also attracted by the great number of caves in the region. The region around the town of Trigrad features various such, as well.Rhodope Mountains are also known as typical spa destination because of the great number of mineral water springs. So far, the town of Devin offers the best conditions for spa tourism, expert.bg reported. Property Wise Magazine

Karlovo municipality and Banya Golf and Spa Resort will discuss the opportunity for developing the town of Banya as a resort. The municipality council and the investor will discuss the possibility for a public-private partnership, Focus news agency reported.Investment will reach 60 million euro for the period of several years.The company to be created will have 34 per cent municipality ownership and 66 per cent shareholding of the private investor.Municipality ownership has been already evaluated at 12.6 million leva and the investor has to join the company with 25 million leva.As part of the project, Banya"s sports base will be renovated, and a golf course with a hotel complex will be constructed.Banya Golf and Spa Resort is Bulgarian company. The municipality"s requirements towards the investor include guaranteeing the development of sports for youth in the region....

World Bank"s board of directors approved EUR 90 M in funding for a project to upgrade transport infrastructure in Bulgaria, the institution said on Wednesday. The funds will be used to rehabilitate first, second and third class roads with total a length of 450 kilometres.Part of the money will be invested in buying new equipment and improving the capacity of Bulgarian institutions to use available resources more effectively.The loan, which has 17-year-long maturity, will help improve road security and decrease the number of the accidents in the country. novinite.com

Vacation property investors are interested in the regions having mineral water deposits near big Bulgarian resorts. An increasing number of apartment buildings in the resorts have spa centres and promote the powers of mineral springs, said an article in mediapool.bg. A number of closed-type complexes are being built the region of Bansko winter resort, famous for its numerous mineral springs.The complexes usually include a hotel part with spa centre and swimming pools and independent houses for sale. Prices of apartments in the town of Razlog vary from 1300 to 2000 euro per sq m.Banya, located between Razlog and Bansko, attracts investors with its 70 mineral water springs, mediapool.bg said.According to investors, eight closed-type complexes having total area of 50 000 sq m and three village settlements are being constructed near Banya. Prices exceed 1060 euro per sq...

Bulgaria"s Pomorie, Tsarevo and Ahtopol"s harbors will become modern yacht ports, informed from the Transport Ministry. The small harbors will be governed by the municipalities. This will bring benefit to the developing profile of the region and will create one common concept for the local infrastructure, reported money.bg. The initiative will also make easier the developing of yacht tourism and entertainment, which of course will support the tourism in the seaside towns, said experts from the Ministry. Administrative resources in relation with the realized border control will be given to the ports. News.bg, 22nd June 2007

The Sofia “Motive 1” company was selected as the developer of “Veliko Tarnovo Hills” complex in the old capital. The information was submitted to “Stroitelstvo Gradat” by “Veliko Tarnovo Development” JSC – the investor company of the largest investment project in the old capital so far. Vassil Ilchov, who has extensive experience in that sphere, is the representative of the building company, as pointed out by the investment company that has realized other projects in Sofia together with “Motive 1”. These projects are “Casa Bulgaria”, “Vranya”, “Liulin Garden”, “Cherni Vrah”. The company also implements industrial building, production of metal constructions and elements. Recently, investors from Israel - financial analysts of the Israeli stock exchange, declared investment interest in Veliko Tarnovo. A group of forty members,...

"After a seven or eight-year pause, wealthy Russians are again among the most active buyers of realties in Bulgaria," real estate agents from the northern coastal city of Varna told Standart. Russians seek expensive properties for more than 100 000 euro in the region of Obzor, the resorts St.St. Konstantin and Elena and Zlatni Piasatci (Golden Sands), and in the very centre of Varna, where apartments sell at the startling price of 1,500-2,000 euro per square meter. Buyers of these deluxe apartments are not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine, Moldova, and the Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Property Wise Magazine

From 15 June 2007 travellers entering or leaving the EU and carrying €10 000 or more in cash (or its equivalent in other currencies or easily convertible assets such as cheques drawn on a third party) have to make a declaration to the customs authorities.This follows the entry into force of a new European Regulation aimed at fighting money laundering, and the financing of terrorism. Customs authorities are empowered under the Regulation to undertake controls on individuals, their baggage and their means of transport and detain cash that has not been declared.Travellers must be aware that all Member States apply penalties in the event of failure to comply with the obligation to declare as laid down in the Regulation. Some Member States may apply additional measures according to their national legislation (e.g. intra-community cash controls). http://ec.europa.eu, 19th...

After entering the European Union and now being a full member of the European community, Bulgaria is about to receive 11 milliard EUR for regional development for the period 2007 – 2013.The largest part of the European funds will be allocated by the Bulgarian Ministry of the Regional Development. The allocating of the money, the choosing of appropriate projects and their implementation will be controlled by the Direction for “Programming and Regional Developments”. The State Tourism Agency will receive only 15 % of the sum and it will be for national tourism marketing. Nearly 177 million EUR (which equals to 13 % of 1, 4 milliard EUR granted for regional development) are allotted for the Bulgarian tourism development. Together with another 15 % co-financiering by the budget, the total amount of the funds for tourism development till 2013 will reach 208...

The prices of apartments and offices in Bulgaria increased by 10 percent over the first three months of 2007, but they will continue going up, real estate agents say. Yet, real estates in Sofia are among the cheapest in Europe, and this is why the city is still attractive for building entrepreneurs and investors. In fact, since the beginning of this year the investments in real estates in Sofia have grossed three hundred million euro (about six hundred million levs). "The revenues to the Municipal Budget from building permits alone reached fourteen million levs for the first four months of the year," Sofia City Chief Architect Petar Dikov told The Standart. For comparison, the revenues from building permits for the last year were only half a million levs. Real estates in Sofia currently sell at eight hundred up to a thousand and two hundred euro...

Israelis will built the largest tourist complex and villa settlement in the Southwest of Bulgaria valued at 100 million euro. The Israeli company “Asim Investment Group” has started the grand project in the areas of Katarino and Golak, located on the territory of Razlog city. The complex will be named “Rila Ville Village” and will be constructed on a 150 decares of terrain. The start of the construction works is scheduled for February 2008 and will be completed in 5 years. BulgarianProperties will offer exclusively apartments from the complex. The property was bought on 31 October 2006 on a tender for the sum 6 008 388 BGN. The property is owned by the Municipality and has been given to the Municipality by the Ministry of Defense. In the “Golak” area the Israelis have bought 82 566 sq.m. and in Katarnio area – 66 084 sq.m. Three zones will be...

PROPERTY FOCUS: Bulgaria"s property profitability growing
The growing number of holiday property on offer has posed the question for an emerging secondary market at the Black Sea and mountain resorts, Pari daily wrote on May 4.In Bulgaria, this market is still in its early stage, but it’s expected to develop in the next two to three years. Currently, there are about 40 000 properties for sale on the market around the country. Only in the past six months, the number has increased by about 50 per cent. Every third such property is in Slunchev Bryag (Sunny Beach), where offers have grown by 65 per cent. The beginning of the holiday market in Bulgaria was about four, five years ago in Sunny Beach and St Vlas on the Black Sea coast. For its development helped the marketing of the biggest and most popular resort in Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) as a destination visited by more than 500 000 tourists annually. The holiday property market,...

Austrian Airlines launched a new route from Vienna to the Bulgarian Black Sea port city of Burgas on Tuesday, making it the third city it flies to in Bulgaria. The airline will operate three afternoon flights a week - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. "With flights to Burgas and Varna, Austrian Airlines now have a national reach, which guarantees both our business clients and tourists the best transit option," said the airline"s director for central and eastern Europe, Wolfgang Grimus. The round trip fare for the flights linking Burgas, Varna and Sofia to Vienna is EUR 169, plus airport fees. The Austrian capital is one of the top destinations for Bulgarians flying out of the country. Last year, more than 130,000 people flew to Vienna, including 60% who used it as a transit point, according to Austrian Airlines data.

Just before the start of the summer season, the number of holiday properties on sale along Bulgaria’s Black Sea rose sharply. In the northern summer resorts of Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands), St. Konstatin and Elena and Slunchev Den (Sunny Day) more than 250 one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments were put on sale, imot.bg said, as quoted by Dnevnik daily. The number of holiday properties on offer in southern Black Sea resorts was 650, almost triple that in the north. Most offers were concentrated in Slunchev Bryag (Sunny Beach), St. Vlas and Elenite. The average price of vacation apartments was 900 euro a sq m and the highest prices were 2500 euro. Elements characterising properties on offer at higher prices include noiseless lifts, pools, green areas and all-year maintenance of the property. Brokers say that a third of apartments now on offer...

Bulgaria’s State Agency for Tourism says that the number of tourists visiting spa resorts will increase by 75 per cent in the next three or four years. Investors have been working on spa tourism projects for a long time, Kapital daily reported.There are spa centre and hotel construction projects in, among other places, the well-known destinations Sandanski, Kyustendil and Apriltsi. These regions boast favourable natural resources and, unlike other traditional resorts, are not burdened by overbuilding.Major spa projects have already influenced the property market, in certain regions further boosting property price increases.The regions of Bansko and Razlog have emerged as the most popular among investors.According to real estate agency Address, eight vacation complex projects with a total built-up area of 50 000 sq m are underway in the village of Banya. The village is...

Sofia will see work on seven skyscraper projects in 2007, Standart daily reported. Sofia municipality already received the needed documents for the setting up of these projects and launched the procedures. The majority of new developments will be part of already existing business parks. Two of the projects will be carried out in Business Park Sofia, one will be constructed in Mladost-4 residential district and one development will be set up in the area close to the Central Railway Station. Another development still expects a construction permit. The skyscraper will appear on the place of the demolished Ropotamo restaurant. A plot has been purchased for the construction of a similar project in Zaharna Fabrika residential district. Receiving permit for such construction is timely, Standart reported. The procedure can last up to two years. Finding a...

Razlog Becomes a Concentrated Golf & Resort Centre in Bulgaria
The Bulgarian golf courses, together with the golf villa complexes and the vacation villages, built next to the golf properties have recently been in the very spotlight of all property investors in Bulgaria. At this point the region of Bansko and Razlog is the leading destination for the largest number of golf projects in Bulgaria. So far there are 7 golf projects planned for this particular mountain area. Some of the projects have already been put in implementation, while the others are still developing. Six of the golf courses are planned to be constructed in the municipality of Razlog, the seventh is in Bansko ski resort. "Pirin Golf Holidays Club”, the first vacation complex in Bulgaria is in process of construction now, on a total area of 1400 decares in Betolovoto site. Investor and executor of the project is the Bulgarian company...

The Foreign Ministers of the countries members of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) organization will sign a treaty for the building of a highway around the sea. The cooperation agreement allowing the highway"s construction has been signed yesterday in Belgrade, ITAR-TASS has reported. Once built, the highway will be shaped like a ring around the Black Sea, connecting all the countries in the region. BSEC was created in 1992 by eleven countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. novinite.com

The summer season for tourists in Bulgaria kicks off on April 20, month and a half earlier as compared to previous years. This is the first time ever that the summer season is given the go-ahead that early. The event will be marked by a ceremony at the Golden Sands coastal resort, to be attended by Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev. Official estimates forecast a 6.4% rise in the number of foreign tourists coming to Bulgaria this summer year upon year, mainly thanks to the great interest of Russian tourists. novinite.com

Terra Tour Service LTD received a certificate for first class investor, for its project “Pravets Golf Resort and Country Club”, announced the Bulgarian Investments Agency (BIA). The investment that will be realized until the middle of the year 2010, amounts to approximately BGN 71,8 million. The project financing will be ensured by private funds of Terra Tour Service LTD and Agrohold JSC (proprietor of Terra Tour Service) and bank loans. The project envisages the construction of a golf complex with a course with 18 holes and par 72, meeting the PGA standards, a clubhouse, 35 country houses and a hotel complex with total built-up area of 24 500 square meters. The complex will be situated on area of more than 600 decares, already purchased, which is situated in immediate proximity of the artificial lake near the town of Pravets. Additional lands have been...

Bansko budget for the year 2007 is the record-breaking one in the whole of South-western Bulgaria. The leading Bulgarian resort will have at its disposal the amount of BGN 30 million, and thus, if divided per capita of the population, it wins the whole country, even Sofia, the population of which amounts to more than 2 million people. This year’s budget of Bansko is BGN 11 million higher than that for the year 2006, and exactly 10 times higher than that for the year 2003. Eighty percent of the budget, or approximately BGN 22 has been envisaged for investments. Road designs, streets and squares repairs, water-conduit and sewerage, purchase of machines for Urban Development Planning and Communal Economy, an excavator, two buses, security and office equipment, schools repairs, a library, museums, etc., have been included in that item. The expenditure for...

In the coming five years the region of Razlog and Bansko will have a 200 000-bed accommodation capacity, Dnevnik daily reported. This is the balance of the construction permits the two municipalities have issued. Seven golf complexes are on their way to completion in the region. Construction of two golf complexes has already started in the Betlovo district. The others will be situated in Dobrinishte, Banya, Predela districts and the future golf zone near Razlog. Investment intentions in the region count hundreds of millions of euro. Razlog mayor Lyuben Tatarski said for Dnevnik that he is concerned that ‘phantom towns’ are to be built because of the massive construction. Investors in the future golf complexes and properties in the region face several problems. The first one is the uncertainty connected to the Natura 2000 environmental network. Another...

Some ten percent of the expected new investments in Eastern Europe will enter Bulgaria, because the country continues to attract foreign investors, the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft (OeKB) stated in a report. Austria"s central provider of financial services and information to exporters and capital markets measured the economic climate in 19 Central and Eastern European countries. The research showed that Bulgaria is very attractive and it ranks among the top four countries in the list. About 170 project have been planned for the region and 10% of them will go towards Bulgaria, OeKB experts say. Those projects are mainly in the industry sector. Bulgaria"s positions are very good when it comes to the companies" expectations for the country"s overall economic development in the following months.

Bulgaria is Still a Sound Investment in 2007
Bulgaria"s property scene has been subject to a meteoric rise over the last few years - fact! A decade ago, the country was seen as a poor, eastern block state riddled with crime and corruption but both international and home-grown developers soon realised its potential, and, thanks to massive investment, Bulgaria is now one of the world"s top property hot spots. Many claim the time of quick high returns has passed, but Bulgaria still has a lot to offer investors who are prepared to take a slightly longer term view. There"s no doubt that the success of any country is built on its economy; from tourism to direct foreign investment to employment. Since the fall of the socialist government in 1996, Bulgaria has enjoyed economic stability and strong growth, thanks to sound monetary reforms, responsible fiscal planning and a fixed exchange rate against the Euro - all...

New ski projects are launched in Samokov region, while “Super Borovets” awaits its start. Hristo Kovachki is the new big investor in the region. Companies close to TIM Ltd also intend to invest in the region. Samokov and Borovets are quieter, in comparison to Bansko, where new ski, golf and spa projects for hundreds of million BGN are presented every single day. There are no huge billboards, advertising the next luxurious apartment complex and signs “Great Deals: Land Plots for Sale”. There are no long lines of tracks and piles of construction materials cannot be seen in Samokov. In fact the region looks calmer, compared to Bansko, regarding the investment activity. However this is soon about to be changed, as things around the “Super Borovets” started moving last month. The majority part of “Rila- Samokov 2004” will most probably be bought by the...



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